– In every corner lieth wickedness

The whole world lieth in wickedness, 1 John 5:19 makes this very clear.

This website wants to give the reader evidence based support to see and understand the connection of a world being controlled by demonic forces in relationship to the reality in which we live in.  


  • Why?

To open up the eyes of people (Christians or unsaved) who got no awareness on what Is going on in the world in order for them to gain spiritual benefits!

  • How

Exposing: Occult/Gnostic teachings, symbols and rituals, secrets societies,  hidden agendas, and much more darkness being shared light on…



Be sure to ask yourself before viewing the content on this website: Will I be able to handle it?

This website are able to provide with content that are going to change your perspective of life forevermore . You might never be the same again. But with such information comes great responsibility! The reason why the material Is uploaded here Is for you to accept Jesus Christ as God our saviour and get saved, NOT to be occupied by the unfruitful deeds of the darkness! 


Most welcome to the website. God bless you